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A couple weeks ago Runescape went back into not-working-on-Linux mode. I tried playing on Windows for a while, but it's *so* annoying having to switch operating systems for it. I hate having to choose, on a scale of *hours*, between "Runescape" and "everything else". I can't pop in for five minutes to check on something, I can't have stuff running in the background while I play, and I can't work on other things here and there on breaks. Probably nobody else pays close enough attention to notice (I haven't been making announcements, just quietly updating my Tumblr user profile with the current status), but my rate of Wordpress-archive formatting has definitely suffered. (admittedly I also worked more hours the past couple weeks, but still, I think the operating-system problem was a significant factor)

(Also, my Windows screen-brightness control is broken, and I have not figured out a way to fix it. I found a third-party screen dimmer that works, but sometimes the brightness Windows is stuck on is too *dim* for my current needs, and third-party screen *brightening* seems to be much harder. And it insists on reverting to UTC whenever I reboot, though if you check its timezone it still claims to be on Eastern time.)

I tried playing a couple more Linux-friendly games, seeing if I could coax my brain into phase with them, but I'm just not in the mood.


The problem with the Runescape Linux client is that it was made for use on Ubuntu 14.04, and while they've made a few minor tweaks to it since then they've never gone back and really updated it to work properly on newer versions.

Last night, a thought occurred to me:

"Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I tried the overkill approach?"

So I tried the overkill approach: I made an Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine and tried installing the client on *that*.

It...kind of actually works? After a couple initial tests to see how high-spec I could make the machine without it lagging my whole computer (conveniently, you can edit the specs of a machine *after* you make it; no need to start from scratch), I seem to have ended up with a machine that can run Runescape at 2 fps. And like, I spent *years* playing Runescape on a machine that got 2 fps, that is empirically a thing that I have been known to do. As I mentioned recently, I already don't do forms of gameplay that require fast reaction times.

(*Way* back in the day, I used to play Runescape on a machine that would freeze up for *several minutes* every time it had to load a new area of the map. I remember keeping a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by my laptop *specifically* for the purpose of having something to do while I waited for the map to load.)

I might try knocking the graphics quality down a bit more, see if that helps.
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I think I will try making link roundups part of my backup routine, so every 1 - 2 weeks.

(Although after going through my recent comment logs, I've found that this roundup isn't as overwhelmingly large as I thought. It looks like my comments over the past few weeks were concentrated into a relatively small number of threads, so there aren't *all* that many different links.)


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Three laugh-rule entries:

[Bloomberg; Wayback crawling forbidden] (by Matt Levine)
The business came of age in an era of excess, but where the culture of Wall Street was reputedly fuelled by drink and drugs, Gross insists he never saw anything troubling at Pimco. Their main high, he says, was sugar — especially M&M’s. “It gave us all the false courage in the world to take on dealers and tell them to go f*** themselves,” Gross recalls wistfully, as he tucks into what looks like an unremarkable tuna melt.

He … what? Their secret weapon was M&M’s? I’m trying to imagine Gross, high as a kite on red M&Ms, calling his coked-up Salomon Bros. salesman and screaming at him over a basis point. Gross, seeing a young protege looking stressed and bleary-eyed midway through a difficult Fed Day, tossing him a bag of candy and saying confidentially “here kid, try some M, only way to survive in this business.” Gross and his crew of traders, celebrating a big year with an all-night party in Vegas featuring fountains of M&Ms. I hope someone does make a movie of his life, just for the M&M scenes.

[Slate Star Codex; Wayback] (by Scott Alexander)

If this doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, you should read this tutorial, in order to recalibrate your ideas of how little sense things can make.

[Blogspot; Wayback] (by Chris Witham)

but truly everything about how she was holding herself suddenly screamed, Bashful!

Or, at the very least, Sunset's posture meekly opened the door, cautiously stuck its head into the room while hiding most of its form behind the door frame, whispered:

Um... I'm bashful, if anyone . . . you know, is interested in that information

paused a moment, added:

Sorry for bothering you

shrunk back a bit at any attention, real or imagined, it had gathered, quickly finished with:


and sprinted away as fast as its figurative legs would take it.

Because posture like that doesn't really scream anything.
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Well, to be fair, there are definitely some aspects of the way my mind and life work that would tend to make it easier for me to handle this:

1. The video-game playstyle that meshes well with my brain is very much depth-over-breadth: I prefer to play a small number of games that each offer an indefinite or near-indefinite number of playtime hours, rather than a large number of small games. A game taking longer to complete if you don't spend money isn't necessarily a problem: sometimes it just means postponing the day where I go "wait, crap, I actually *finished* that game, *now* what I am going to do when I feel like playing it". (This also means that I don't really have experience with all that *many* games.)

2. While I am as much of a sucker for unlockables as the next guy, I generally don't care about cosmetic stuff for its own sake. (Not really into aesthetics much.)

3. I don't enjoy gambling unless it's the kind where the outcome is always positive (just by varying amounts). (I'm *willing* to make possible-loss gambles if I'm confident enough that the expected value is positive, but it's not fun; negative-expected-value and insufficient-information gambles don't even have *that* going for them.)

4. While I *have* a minimum-wage job, that doesn't mean I can just pick up an additional hour of minimum-wage at will. My *marginal* wage is about $1/hour, and an extremely tedious $1/hour at that. As I understand it a lot of games will let you make a couple bucks of premium currency per hour at the margin, hoping that your marginal wage is high enough that the calculations come out in favour of spending another hour at work and then using the money on premium currency, but *even if you ignore in-game methods being more fun* my calculations often come out in favour of in-game methods.

(Huh, I guess that--in a way, and to an extent--those games *do* price-discriminate: if you're so poor that a couple bucks an hour sounds like a good deal, they don't charge you.)


Of the six games that I currently play at least occasionally, three have some form of microtransaction element.

Flight Rising: the dev-run microtransaction store deals pretty much exclusively in stuff I don't care about (non-unlockable cosmetics, things to speed up a part of the game I don't even play much anyway), so the only point in getting premium currency at all is to trade it with other players. (The Flight Rising player economy runs on a fully-fledged dual-currency system: the player marketplace has an option to denote your item's sale price in premium currency, there are player-run exchange booths on the forums with floating exchange rates, and other player-run services will generally take both currencies.) Premium currency inflates less than the regular kind (though the regular kind of inflation isn't hyper- or anything), so I use exchange booths and arbitrage tricks to keep most of my money in premium form.

Marginal wage is maybe $2.50 - $3/hour, though mostly because I am very good at FR merchanting.

(Note also that the prevailing interest rate (denominated in premium currency) is *much* higher than in the real world: 35%/year is extremely simple and pretty low-risk to obtain (and zero risk of outright loss), and with somewhat more care and more understanding of the economic patterns, 50% is only slightly harder. Most people either never save up enough to make the investment at all (the extremely-simple investment is in increments of $20), or are unwilling to tie up that much money for several months.)

Runescape: microtransaction store has a bunch of cosmetic unlocks that I *might* save up for one day if I run out of higher-priority things to do; a few useful things like increases in item storage space that I will probably save up for somewhat sooner (though for item-storage-space specifically I am nowhere near running out, so that's a pretty low priority too); gambling (with a small number of free plays per day; because of point 3 I am perfectly content to take the free plays and then stop); and a premium-currency form of the membership subscription (which gives you access to a *lot* more content) they've been doing since before microtransactions were really a thing (I used to pay money for this, but the moment they introduced premium currency (and legalised gold-farming to obtain it) I switched to that method instead).

Marginal wage is about $2/hour if you are bad at both bossing and micro-ing (I am bad at both), $4.60 if you are good at both, and $2.60 if you are good at micro-ing but not bossing. (To be good at bossing you must also be good at micro-ing.) Non-marginal wage is about $4 - $5.60/hour and is sufficient to pay for membership at my current level but not by much (I'm currently doing a bunch of the more marginal methods because I want to have more buffer for when I'm not playing as much); at higher levels it's more than enough, and I put a higher priority on levelling that gives access to more non-marginal gold-farming methods than on levelling that doesn't.

(The Runescape player economy is larger, more complicated, and more difficult to get clear information on than the Flight Rising one, so--for the moment, anyway--I'm not very good at Runescape arbitrage or investing. (I did make a spreadsheet to determine the most profitable form of livestock-farming, though!))

Pokemon Go: the only natively mobile one (though I hear many people make do with accessing the Flight Rising desktop website on mobile, and Runescape is working on a mobile client), and indeed the most aggressive. Certainly the hardest in which to gain premium currency through in-game methods: last I checked, there was a 50c/day cap on the sole available method, so if you're capable of maxing that out every day (I usually can't, but then I'm not very good at Pokemon Go) the marginal wage is zero.

Still, at 50c/day you can max out your storage space in...five-ish months, if I've got the figures right? And you get one free raid pass per day (though you're only allowed to accumulate a one-day buffer). And you get some of the time-saving consumables through levelling up (which means the supply through that method is finite, since there are only so many levels to gain). So while it *is* very much trying to entice you into buying stuff (not even counting transportation costs; I only show up to places if I can get there on foot or was going to go there anyway, but I know a lot of players who drive around), it's also very much possible to play with just what you can get in-game. There's still plenty of things to catch and train and so on after you've run out of raid passes for the day.

(The other three games, in case you were wondering, are Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup, Age of Empires III, and Nethack.)
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Multiple gigabytes a second, almost half a million batches out for processing at any given time. A few days back they passed one *petabyte* of data, and now they're at about one and a third.

(The list of participants is so long that when I try to view the full list the tab crashes, so I don't actually know how much of it is mine. A relatively tiny amount, I'm sure--I'm only running one batch at a time, so as not to overwhelm my bandwidth or processor--but some.)
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Inspired by a choice game I saw once and perhaps somewhat by torture vs dust specks.

[fairly strong cw: death, aging; FWIW, I would probably advise a version of me who had not already thought of this not to read it]

Read more... )
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[cw: embarrassment squick]

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Speaking of social media, yesterday I was looking at somebody's Twitter and in the trending-tags sidebar was "#purpleandproud".

First thought: "since when does Twitter have an Amenta RP?"

Second thought: "is this something about bipartisanship?"

Third thought: "there are so many things this could mean, and now I am curious which of the myriad possibilities it is. *clicks*"

Apparently it's celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the University of Western Ontario, whose signature colour is purple. How the hell anyone is supposed to guess that is beyond me, but maybe not being guessable is part of the point. Curiosity got *me* to click, after all.
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[Dreamwidth; Wayback] (OP by [personal profile] sophus) I inspired somebody else to start making sure the Internet Archive had copies of all their links! (And Sophus uses the laugh rule, too, so that's *two* blogging practices they got from me! I love being a positive influence.)

(For those of you who don't know, I invented the laugh rule. (Quite possibly other people in other places have invented it independently, but from the timeline of events† I strongly suspect that every laugh-rule-using rationalist can trace it back to me.) It's been very gratifying to see other people picking it up, to see the positive impact I've had on the community, to know I've inspired people to make the world a bit more joyful.)

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[Atlantic; Wayback] (by Ed Yong) Appetite suppressants originally intended for humans might also work on Aedes aegypti?

Highlighted comment:
[personal profile] sophus uses music jargon to explain why Ed Sheeran sounds so different in different songs.

Laugh rule:
[personal profile] youzicha shares a Reddit thread about people who may or may not be Eliezer Yudkowsky.


†Back when I was the only person I knew of who did it, multiple rationalists cited it as a thing they particularly liked about my blog.
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why doesn't Synaptic have a button for "uninstall this software *and all software that is here purely as a prerequisite for this one*"

okay, okay, I know why, it'd have to keep track of whether you've installed anything else since then that *also* needs the prerequisite, and maybe you've started using some non-Synaptic program that needs it, and a false positive on whether to get rid of a piece of infrastructure could end up disastrous

and yeah, it's not like my laptop is hurting for storage space

and yeah, if I really cared that much I probably *could*--when I'm testing out programs knowing that the likelihood any given one will work for what I need is fairly low--just keep copies of the lists of prerequisites-to-be-installed and go through and uninstall them individually if I don't keep the main program (especially if it's same-day)

(and god, maybe I will)

but it still kind of bugs me having the detritus of unused prerequisites gradually build up on a laptop the longer I use it, seems so *untidy*


(this post brought to you by trying to get a (very old) external webcam working on my laptop; eventually I gave up and borrowed Mom's laptop to use her built-in webcam)
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I work in a store with a background radio, which means I have a fairly good grasp of what Currently Popular Songs *sound* like but very little idea of who made them, what they're called, and in some cases the lyrics.

And I keep being, just, utterly shocked to learn that a song was by Ed Sheeran. I thought I knew what Ed Sheeran's voice sounded like! I thought I was better at voice recognition than this!

It would be one thing if he had just, like, adopted an American accent. But not only do "Shape of You" and "Perfect" not sound like they're the same person as "Bloodstream", they don't sound like they're the same person *as each other*!

(IIRC, I didn't *guess* "Castle on the Hill", but it was a lot less surprising than these two.)


Admittedly, I do remember having a very similar experience the first time I heard a Phil Collins' Greatest Hits CD when I was ten or so: "wait, all of these songs on the radio were the same person?" And having to infer whether the radio was playing Billy Joel or Elton John by whether my parents played that particular song on tape a lot (they are both big Billy Joel fans, but have much weaker feelings about Elton John).

But I felt like my voice recognition got suddenly much better when I was thirteen, and now I'm not so sure.

(Or maybe it *did* get better but has now gotten worse again for some reason? Shame I can't just go ask my fourteen-year-old self to listen to a 2019 pop mix and figure out which songs are by the same people. No matter how accurate my *model* of fourteen-year-old me is, a model would still be running on the current substrate, which possibly sucks at this.)

Part 5

Feb. 20th, 2019 05:38 pm
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Word on the Runescape technical-support subforum is that the version of the Linux client I eventually ended up with works on and off, usually on the scale of a few weeks. The client maintainers say that the problem seems to be on the server's end and there's nothing they can do about it.

Sure enough, yesterday it started working. Presumably at some point it will go back to [immediately crashing on startup] for a while, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.


On one operating system or another, I've been having fun playing again. I think I might do a quest tonight.

Part 4

Feb. 18th, 2019 12:30 pm
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After four hours of troubleshooting with no functional client to show for it, I ran out of ideas for solutions to try next, went "fuck it", and booted up Windows.

Sorting out which operating system to hang out on when is a work in progress. Am on Linux right now, and will stay here at least until schooltime is over (currently on lunch break).
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Not wanting to risk going through all the effort of coaxing Ubuntu and Runescape into cooperation only to find my hardware insufficient, I tried Runescape on my Windows partition first.

Turns out, the minimum available graphics settings for Runescape are very minimal indeed. There should be no question (at least hardware-wise) of whether I can play-the-game-at-all, only how pretty it will look while I do it.


There's still the software issues to deal with, of course. I mean, I guess I could play on Windows? But I know from experience that rebooting twice (there and back) every time I want to play a game is annoying, and camping out on the Windows partition for the entire duration of being-in-the-mood-for-that-game is even more annoying. My Windows partition is *not* set up for long-term habitation, and I don't even really want it to be.


(Writing these posts out, especially the first, *does* seem to be helping me sort out my thoughts on the matter.)


Feb. 16th, 2019 11:54 am
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Me: ...actually, hang on. We didn't choose this computer with Runescape-playing ability in mind: while we *did* choose it to be somewhat better than the one we were playing on before, their requirements may have outpaced us. We'd better check first that this computer is even capable of Runescape: if not, the whole thing is moot.

*a few minutes later*

Me: ...oh dear, apparently they haven't properly updated their Linux client in years and it has outdated-dependency issues. I *might* be able to sort through it given time, but this is clearly not going to be a quick test I can perform before school.
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Me: Huh, I'm having Runescape cravings. I haven't had those in *ages*, and haven't played in even longer.

(Me: How long was it, anyway? *checks document labelled "Runescape Notes"* Wow, this to-do list is dated mid-October 2016. Yeah, I guess that timing *does* check out, come to think of it.)

Me': Maybe we should play? We did leave ourself some spare premium-membership credits†, in case we ever wanted to come back.

Me: I don't know. I mean, we have enough trouble with feeling overwhelmed by our to-do list as it is, and Runescape is so large and complicated that one's Runescape-related to-do list can easily be overwhelming all by itself. That was why we stopped, after all: they'd added so much content that it was just too much, we couldn't deal with it all anymore.

Me': We could just focus on one aspect of the game at a time and ignore everything else?

Me: I don't think our brain's set up to make that easy, and certainly the game isn't. We *like* to play a game optimally, and Runescape is so complicated that optimal play for almost any given task has a whole bunch of prerequisites, many of which have prerequisites of their own. And many tasks have real-time restrictions on how much you can do them, which means that *overall* optimal play requires switching between them all.

Me': What about Crawl? We don't play *Crawl* optimally; we don't even try. We *like* to approach Crawl with a certain amount of recklessness, not caring too much about whether a given move was technically the right one.

Me: That's because Crawl has no long-term meta-game unless you count stuff like greaterplayer. Crawl is almost entirely about the journey and very little about the destination: no individual Crawl game really matters in the grand scheme of things.

Me': I mean, *nothing* really matters in the *grand* scheme of things.

Me: That's a cached idea from people who are less egoist than we are. If playing Runescape would make us worse off in the moment *and* not set our future self up for a better life later, it is among the *worst* things that could happen.

Me': Counterpoint: resisting our brain's whims regarding which video game to play has, historically, almost never been a good idea. It makes us feel miserable and incomplete, and it should only be done under dire circumstances like a chatroom we run (and frequently re-read) whose archive is about to be lost. (and as I recall, it was in fact specifically Runescape that we were resisting in order to complete that project, and it *did* in fact make us feel miserable and incomplete; it's just that *that* miserable incompleteness was temporary, while the miserable incompleteness of not having a DS9 Rewatch archive would have been permanent, and so it was the lesser evil)

Me': Lowering our threshold for whether a circumstance is sufficiently dire, making us feel like playtime--and specifically playing *whichever game we feel like playing*, not whichever game we intellectually think we are in the best position to play--was a bonus for when everything else was done rather than a load-bearing psychological nutrient that needs to be given a certain amount of priority, is perhaps the single worst thing the financial nadir in 2017 did to us, and we should try to heal it.

Me: ...okay, you've got me there, that *is* an excellent point.

Me: Our current practice is to take civic holidays off, and there's a civic holiday on Monday. Since our exam is on Tuesday (I hope), we've already agreed to switch the Sunday and Monday workloads, taking tomorrow off and doing school on Monday.

Me: I propose the following: tomorrow, we take a look at the Runescape wikia, which last we checked was excellent. I'm sure they have a guide listing the time-limited tasks currently in existence. We will sort these tasks in priority order--completely ignoring any task whose sole reward is experience in a skill we already have max level in, even if we don't have max experience; we are *not* going to aim for max experience unless we somehow manage to reach a point where we've done everything else--trace back their prerequisites, and underneath the list of tasks themselves add a similarly sorted list of prerequisites. We may, optionally, pick a *single* additional aspect, and add that aspect and its prerequisites beneath that list.

(Me: I know this isn't how we normally go back to a game after a break, but we probably should *not* read through all of the news posts since October 2016: that's likely to be overwhelming.)

Me: We will aim to ruthlessly prioritise, and to not be too hard on ourself if we don't do as much on a given day as we'd wanted to. After all, if we weren't playing, we wouldn't have gotten to do *any* of it.

Me': *nods* [in the tone of one reciting a proverb] Some is better than none.

Me: Indeed. We'll see how it goes, and I reserve the right to leave again if we find we can't handle it. But there *are* a lot of good things about Runescape, and it would be nice to experience them again.


†Context note: Runescape dealt with its gold-farmer problem by legalising gold-farming as long as you traded with the gold-buyers in Runescape store credit rather than dollars. I was high enough level when they did this (and therefore had enough access to high-level money-making techniques) that I haven't had to pay dollars for premium membership since.
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In accordance with tradition, here is a picture of Pluto:

Pluto, its 'heart' prominently displayed.
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So, I was clearing out my Wordpress spamtrap today. *Most* of it was just ads for casinos and stock-trading and call girls (as they put it), the usual crap.

But one of them was a bot that saw the number of duplicate (botched incremental backup) and near-duplicate (reblog chains that I participated in multiple times) posts, *assumed I was an SEO scraper bot*, and offered to sell me software to make me look more person-like.


(I'm going to tag this "proud citizen of The Future", and I honestly do not even know if I am being sarcastic. I'm kind of in awe.)


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